General guidance to our API

Last updated on 2016-11-23


The API is published under https://github.com/Cerlingo/cerlingo-api and is available only over HTTPS. It follows standard HTTP conventions and relies on JSON for data representation. The API is web browsable, e.g. it can be also served as HTML together with documentation and forms that allow to try each endpoint out manually.


Requests to the API can be authenticated and authorised in one ways:

Token-based auth

This mode is suitable for production use with your own account. Go to the "Integrations" section in My Account and create an Application. If you want to support this scenario, please contact us at tech-support@cerlingo.com, we look forward to hearing about your project and are happy to help.

Rate limiting

The API usage limit is currently 500 requests per user per hour. If your app needs more than that, please contact us.

What is Domain URL?

"Url Domain" is the Url to the responses which will be sent to your tests.

What is API Token?

An API token will be generated for you. This API token gives full access to your account, so keep it secret!

Getting started with the API

You can explore the API endpoints and read the detailed documentation by opening http://cerlingo.com/api in your browser and navigating further. The endpoint URLs for web browsable use and production use are the same. You’ll obtain JSON output or HTML output with documentation depending on your Accept header. Some entry points:

Code snippets can be found here Github